Waiting lists can be found in your Student Center.

General questions can be answered by watching this demo or on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


A reminder that being on a waiting list in no way guarantees that you will be offered a space in that course.

Waiting lists for courses through Spanish 311 and through Portuguese 202 will not be activated until all regular sections of that course are full.

Waiting lists for courses through Spanish 311 will be prioritized strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Waiting lists for courses beyond Spanish 311 will be prioritized by academic level.

If you are offered a space and fail to enroll within the allotted time, you will be removed from the waiting list and the space will be offered to the next student in line. If you still wish to be considered for a space in that course, you will have to place yourself back on the waiting list with the understanding that you will lose your previous priority.

If you are no longer interested in being waitlisted for a course, please consider those on the waiting list behind you and remove yourself from the waiting list. Thank you!

Space will be offered to waiting list students through the Add Deadline. In the case of Fall 2014, the Add Deadline is Friday, September 12.

Please note that no response will be given to requests for waiting list position. If you wish to confirm that you have been added to the waiting list, please check your Student Center.