Spanish Masters - Area Distribution and Course Requirements

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Area Distribution and Course Requirements

The M.A. course workin Spanish normally consists of a minimum of 26 credits, or 24 providedstudents can demonstrate equivalency for Spanish 545.  Course work in another department of the University of Wisconsin Madison can be counted toward theminimum 26-credit requirement if it has been approved by the Chair inconsultation with the Departmental Committee. Up to six graduate credits taken at another university may betransferred by special request after one semester in residence here. The Master's Degree program in Spanish in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese is based on seven curriculumareas:  Medieval Literature, Golden AgeLiterature, Modern Peninsular Literature, Spanish-American Literature I(Colonial through Modernismo), Spanish-American Literature II (From Modernismoto the present), and Descriptive and Applied Linguistics.  Specific course requirements for the M.A. areas follows:

  1. M.A. with concentration in literature. Candidates will take one course in each of five of the seven areas; one of the five must be a linguistics course (either descriptive or applied). A further nine credits are electives which may be taken in any of the areas, with the adviser's consent

  2. M.A. with concentration in linguistics. Candidates will take one course in descriptive linguistics, one course in applied linguistics, and two further courses in linguistics which may be descriptive or applied, or a combination. One course each must be taken from three of the five literary areas. The final three credits may be taken in any area, with the adviser's consent.

  3. Spanish 545 (two credits), College Teaching of Spanish, is required of all new Teaching Assistants. Exemptions are made on an individual basis with prior written consent of the instructor of Spanish 545, in consultation with the chair.

All of the Department's graduate courses (except seminars) are considered core courses forthe purposes of the M.A. program. Graduate advisers will recommend courses tothe student as appropriate. Topics courses will address works from the M.A.reading list as much as possible given the nature of the course.

  1. Nine credits of electives are required (899 Directed Study may only satisfy elective credits).  Three of the elective credits must be taken as a seminar.  The seminar requirement is normally fulfilled during students' second year of graduate studies.  Students are strongly advised not to take a seminar in an area in which they have no previous preparation (exceptions by consent of instructor).

  2. Literary theory courses (Spanish 627 and 628) count only as electives in the M.A. program and satisfy the Ph.D. literary theory requirement.

  3. All graduate students who are candidates for an M.A. degree in this department must take a minimum of two graduate-level courses in Spanish and/or Portuguese for credit each semester, exclusive of Independent Reading courses and audited courses.  A student who is not in compliance with this requirement is not making good progress toward the degree, and will therefore be deemed not in good academic standing.  Advisers should be aware that only the Departmental Committee, on the favorable recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee, may grant exemptions.