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Lila Downs Lila Downs

April 4, 2008

Meso-American Diva (9:37) - Listen to a behind-the-scenes interview between singer Lila Downs and UW doctoral student Giannina Reyes Giardiello. Lila Downs is the daughter of a Mixtec cabaret singer and a Scottish/ American cinematographer, who began singing and performing mariachi songs when she was eight years old. She was featured on the soundtrack to the movie Frida and performed at the 75th Academy Awards when the theme song was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song. Downs performs her own compositions as well as selections of native Mesoamerican music.

Nicolas Lynch Nicolás Lynch Gamero

March 27, 2008

(15:41) Listen to the Peruvian Nicolás Lynch Gamero, former minister of education, scholar and professor of sociology, discuss the state of education in Peru. Professor Lynch also gives his impressions of universities in the U.S. and compares them to Peruvian universities. You can also learn about the oldest University in the Americas, San Marcos of Lima. The interview with Professor Lynch is conducted by Kristina Puotkalyte-Gurgel, a PhD student from UW-Madison.

Mayra Santos Febres Mayra Santos Febres

May 28, 2007

El estado actual de la literatura puertorriqueña y caribeña (18:15)
Mayra Santos Febres identifies emerging writers and trends in Puerto Rican and Caribbean literature in this intimate conversation with Natalie Belisle, doctoral student at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Santos Febres discusses, among other things, the tension created by a demand for “exotic” Caribbean literature. In addition, she reveals why she chose the iconic figure Isabel Luberza Oppenheimer as protagonist for her latest novel Nuestra Señora de la Noche (2006). Keep a pulse on the latest literary beats by listening to Mayra and Natalie!

Nora Strejilevicha Nora Strejilevich

March 1, 2007

Interview #1 (16:10): La voz de una ex-desaparecida
In this intimate conversation between Professor Nora Strejilevich and Patricia Rengel you will hear about her experience as a survivor of the "Guerra Sucia" in Argentina. Strejilevich, author of the award winning testimonial novel Una sola muerte numerosa, which was also adapted into a play and movie, talks about the nuances of the "lexicon of terror" that surrounded that period of state terror.

Interview #2 (11:43): La relación tumultuosa entre el testimonio y la ficción
In this second interview, Professor Strejilevich talks about the relationship between testimony, fiction and memory. How, for instance, is trauma translated into language or even a literary testimony. Learn more about how Argentina is still recovering from this traumatic historic moment.

Ricardo Chavez Castaneda Ricardo Chávez Castañeda

(17:33) | February 17, 2007

Listen to Ricardo Chávez Castañeda, a prolific contemporary Mexican author share his ideas about writing, language and literature with Kristina Puotkalyte-Gurgel. Chávez Castañeda is one of the nine invited authors of an important conference, Ibero-American Writers in the Era of Globalization, to be held in Madison, WI.

Mario Mendoza Mario Mendoza: abogado, salsero, visionario
Interview #1 (12:50)
Interview #2 (25:11)

January 4, 2007

Listen to Mario Mendoza, right hand man to Madison's mayor, talk about his journey from Puerto Rico to Madison. Front man for several salsa bands and prominent minority leader, Mario gives his perspective on the latino experience in the Midwest.

Eddie Palmieri Eddie Palmieri
Interview #1 (11:36)
Interview #2 (16:32)

November 21, 2006

Listen to one of the greatest living salsa musicians in this intimate conversation with Patricia Rengel. Palmieri describes his musical roots set in the New York music scene during the fifties where he learned from other masters –Machito, Tito Rodríguez and the late Tito Puente. Discover among other things what a moña is and how it gives his music a unique flavor.

El futuro de la salsa. In this second interview Mr. Palmieri reminisces about Conjunto la Perfecta and working with Tito Puente. The future also looks good according to the master salsero. Listen to the past and present of salsa come alive with this 8-time Grammy award winner.

Padre Pedro Venezuela and President Hugo Chávez
Interview #1 (18:58)
Interview #2 (15:14)

October 29, 2006

Explore Venezuela with Padre Pedro Suárez in two interviews with this Lutheran minister. In the first podcast, Padre Suárez talks about President Hugo Chávez and the Protestan movement in Latin America. In the second interview, Padre Suárez talks about his vocation, music and other aspects of the Hispanic community in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Arte Mixtlan Arte Mixtlan: October 17, 2006

Via telephone from Puebla, Juan Carlos Varela and Julieta Rodriguez describe their artistic process as they create sculptures based on pre-Hispanic history and culture. See their website for visuals, updates and more information.

Barbara Mujica Bárbara Mujica: September 8, 2006

Los deportes y "El medio-niñero": (7:13) Doctor Bárbara Mujica is a professor of Spanish at Georgetown University. In addition to her work as an academic, Professor Mujica writes novels and short stories. In this first interview she discusses her short story "El medio-niñero", sports and the problems immigrants face in the United States.

Su escritura: (12:12) In this second interview, Professor Mujica discusses her favorite genre, the novel. Professor Mujica gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the writing process in a conversation with Patricia Rengel about her novels Frida, a best-seller, and Sister Teresa, slated for release this spring.

Norma Cantu Norma Cantú: August 23, 2006 (25:55)

Norma E. Cantú is a chicana writer and professor of English at the University of Texas-San Antonio. In this interview she offers her insights on culture, the power of autobiographical writings and the legitimacy of Spanglish.

Dr. Julio Bird Dr. Julio Bird: July 17, 2006 (10:29)

In this phone interview, Nancy Bird-Soto chats with Dr. Julio Bird, who is a cardiologist and resides in LaCrosse, WI. He is the first Puerto Rican to climb all the way to the top of Mt. Everest, an endeavor he accomplished in 2002.

Elvia Ardalani Elvia Ardalani y el transculturalismo : July 10, 2006 (7:53)

Professor at the University of Texas-Pan American and poet Elvia Ardalani shares her thoughts about the written word and her insights on 'transculturalism'. She has published various collections of poetry, among them: Y comerás del pan sentado junto al fuego (2001) and De cruz y media luna (1996).

Roberto and Arturo Roberto de la Torre & Arturo Zárate: May 30, 2006 - Jun 14, 2006

La frontera: ¿cuál, de qué y para quién?

Join us at Crucitas Restaurant in Edinburg, TX for a lively chat and lunch with Roberto de la Torre and Arturo Zárate Ruiz as they comment on and challenge the idea of "la frontera" between Mexico and the United States. Roberto is a writer and folklorist who lives in McAllen, TX. Arturo obtained his doctorate degree at the UW- Madison and resides in the Matamoros area in Mexico. He has published books about NAFTA and the war on drugs.

La Frontera (14:45) | Music (3:38) | Cultural Symbols (4:11)

Maria Castello María Castello: April 27, 2006 (17:10)

María Castello shares with Kate Ternes her first-hand knowledge of tango as an Argentine cultural phenomenon that spread throughout the world. She talks about the history of tango, tango music, and the intricacy of the dance.

Angeles Mastretta Ángeles Mastretta: April 14, 2006 (10:20)

Nancy Bird-Soto converses with the well-known Mexican writer Ángeles Mastretta in a telephone interview from Mexico City to discuss her writings and latest projects.

Marjorie Agosin Café con la escritora Marjorie Agosín. : April 6, 2006 (13:42)

Three graduate students (Nancy Bird-Soto, Dinorah Cortés-Vélez and Patricia Rengel) interview the renowned writer and human rights activist Marjorie Agosín in a Madison café. Listen to this intimate conversation with Agosín to discover her latest thoughts about poetry, Latin America, women and the war in Iraq.

Students La inmigración: una perspectiva estudiantil: April 4, 2006 (3:42)

Students from Spanish 266 discuss the pending immigration legislation in an interview with Alma Ruiz, member of the UW chapter of MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Atzlán).

Jorge Arroyo Costa Rica interpretada por Jorge Arroyo Dramatist: March 15, 2006 (26:06)

Jorge Arroyo talks to Patricia Rengel about theater, politics and the 'real' Costa Rica. His recent political ventures and theatrical productions come to life in this intimate conversation. play/download (MP3)

Juan Egea La literatura y el cine español con el profesor Juan Egea: March 8, 2006 (21:07)

Juan Egea, Associate Professor of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UW-Madison, provides knowledgeable insight into the world of modern Spanish literature and film, particularly in context of the Spanish Civil War.

Carlos Arenas NIcaragua Actual: Una charla dinámica con el licenciado Carlos Arenas: February 28, 2006 (21:07)

Carlos Arenas, Director of Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua, discusses the organization's work with Nicaraguan grass roots social movements and other political aspects between Nicaragua and the United States.

students Merengue 2: Preguntas de los estudiantes : February 15, 2006 (4:31)

In this episode 2 students ask Pavel questions about Merengue. Find out his insight on this popular hispanic music and dance.

Pavel Una conversación con el merenguero Pavel Polanco-Safadit: February 1, 2006 (6:18)

The tambora and guira come to life in this dramatic interview with Patricia Rengel as Pavel traces the history of merengue.

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