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Rubén Medina

Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of California-San Diego

Professor Medina specializes in Mexican and Chicano/a literature and
culture, with a particular focus on canonical and non-canonical
writers, intellectual history, film studies, and Mexican migration to
the United States. His book Autor, autoridad y autorizacion: Escritura
y poetica de Octavio Paz (Colegio de Mexico) was published in 1999. He
has also published several articles on Mexican and Chicano/a
literature in several journals and books, and two books of poetry:
Bailame este viento, Mariana (1980) and "Amor de Lejos . . . Fools'
Love" (1986). He has completed a new book of poems written en Spanish,
English and Spanglish: Nacion Nomada / Nomadic Nation. This current
year, 2006-2007, he is serving as Director for the Wisconsin, Indiana
and Purdue Program in Madrid.

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