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Margarita Zamora

Professor, Ph. D., Yale University
Professor Zamora specializes in Spanish American colonial studies. Her publications include Language, Authority, and Indigenous History in the Comentarios reales de los Incas (Cambridge University Press, 1988), Reading Columbus (University of California Press, 1993; Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize, MLA, 1994), and essays dealing with problems in Spanish American literary history, discourse analysis, memory, alterity, transtextuality, paratextuality, gender, poetics, intellectual history, and translation

Recent Publications:
Cuba: contrapuntos de cultura, historia y sociedad/Counterpoints on Culture, History, and Society. San Juan, P.R.: Ediciones Callejón, 2007

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Back cover: Cuba: contrapuntos de cultura, historia y sociedad / Counterpoints on Culture, History, and Society is a major new collection of essays ranging over five centuries of the Cuban experience. The editors have provided a forum for the current concerns of scholars, artists, and public intellectuals, both in the island and across the communities that constitute the Cuban Diaspora. Each essay confirms a deep image of Cuban culture, symbolically understood in these pages as a musical dialogue of voices reaching beyond the limitations of political polarization and its attending silences. The essays address pressing questions and persistent themes, including the absence or fragmentation of critical dialogue, the manner in which Cubans, wherever they may be, give testimony about "the Cuban condition," the habitual displacement of blame and responsibility, and the search for guiding principles and inspirational figures in the bedrock of Cuban history.

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